Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Board Games, but not as you know it

Have I mentioned I love games? I mean board games. You are probably going to think of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Risk here and the games I play look kinda like that and do have some similarities with them sometimes. They sometimes have a board, not always. They sometimes have dice, sometimes cards etc. The games I like are part of a huge, huge resurgence in board games which is a really lovely and social hobby. There are tens of thousands of board games on every single theme and with every difficulty level.

Think about Monopoly - there are no real choices. You land on something, if you have the money, you buy it and you try to trade it later if you don't need it. That's pretty much complete chance down to the dice roles. The board games I play all have MEANINGFUL DECISIONS. This is really important because you are the master of your own destiny and there are generally lots of ways to win. In fact, the ones I dislike the most are ones where it becomes apparent about halfway into the game that you're behind and can't catch up - just like in Monopoly. The games I play vary from 10 minutes in length to many hours. My favourites are virtually all 45 minutes to an hour and I rarely play anything over 2.5 hours. Some you might want to try if you get the chance:

Top left: Castles of Mad King Ludwig- build your own crazy castle while choosing and playing tiles (rooms), collecting sets
Top right: King of Tokyo - our 7 year old loves this dice game, play a monster try to kill other monsters while not dying yourself. Sounds simple? It's not...
Bottom left: Lords of Waterdeep - my favourite, place your workers (little wooden people we call Meeples) solve mysteries, appease your Lord and build up your points
Bottom right: Pandemic - cooperative game, that's right you're playing together and will all win or lose to save mankind from four deadly viruses

These are all different but interesting with a strong theme and are well worth a play. They aren't all my favourites but they are decent for beginners. I think there is a game for everyone out there depending on the themes and type you like.

My three favourite game things:
1) When friends come over and we play at home
2) The UK Games Expo with over 12,000 visitors, happening next week, so excited!
3) Dice and Donuts board game cafe in Preston

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